J. R. R. Tolkien Fandom Oral History Collection

Greetings Tolkien Fan!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Host.

Please reserve a time slot to contribute your interview. The time listed is U.S. Central Time. Please plan accordingly.

Time slots will be made available on a monthly basis. They are first come, first served. If all the slots are marked unavailable then that means they have all been claimed.

I will open the next month’s slots around the 15th of the previous month. (e.g. June slots around May 15th; July slots around June 15th, etc.)

You will receive a brief email after reserving your spot. It will prompt you to accept the invitation.

Within a few days you will receive another email. It will contain a Zoom link to join a meeting with the archivist at the scheduled time. You will also be sent a donor agreement form to gift your interview to Marquette’s collection. Please return the signed donor agreement form before the interview.